I have been teaching as a part-time instructor since Spring 2007, and as a full-time instructor since Fall 2010. In those years, I've regularly taught courses in the history of philosophy and logic, as well as courses in theoretical philosophy.

Some of my favorite teaching topics have included Plato (especially the Republic and Theaetetus), Spinoza's Ethics, proof and translation in first-order logic with quantification and identity, and philosophy of time.

At the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (2013-2021), I taught:

  • First Year Seminar (FYS 100) - 2 semesters

  • Introduction to Logic (PHL 101) - 14 semesters, plus 2 summer sessions

  • History of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 205) - 7 semesters

  • History of Modern Philosophy (PHL 206) - 2 semesters

  • Symbolic Logic (PHL 302): 5 semesters

  • Metaphysics (PHL 310) 2 semesters

  • Philosophy of Language (PHL 311): 3 semesters

  • Philosophy and Science Fiction (PHL 313): 3 semesters

  • Senior Capstone (PHL 496): 1 semester

In addition to these courses, I have also, at various places, taught:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (historical survey)

  • Introduction to Ethics (mainly normative ethics, with some applied topics and/or service learning)

  • Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (freshman level survey course)

  • History of Ancient Philosophy (upper-level course for majors; emphasis on metaphysics and epistemology)

  • History of Medieval Philosophy (upper-level course)

  • History of Modern Philosophy (upper-level course)

  • History of Analytic Philosophy (upper-level course)

  • Philosophical Writing and Argumentation (writing course for majors)

  • Business Ethics

  • The Medieval World (interdisciplinary graduate course)