Fall 2020 
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, class formats have changed. If you're a student, here's what you should expect.

FYS 100 (Freshman Seminar): 
  • We are still planning to have regular meetings in a hybrid format - but not all students will be able to attend at once.  
  • Additional content will be available asynchronously online. 
  • Be prepared for an epic and life-changing experience...Plato's Republic transcends cultural and political divides, and is amazingly relevant to these turbulent times!
PHL 101 (Introduction to Logic): 
  • This course will be available in an asynchronous online format. 
  • Online materials will include video explanations, problem walk-throughs, and responses to student questions.
  • I promise, it will be entertaining, and there might even be cats and dogs in the videos! 
  • Usual assessment exercises such as weekly quizzes/exams will remain the same, except they'll be online.
PHL 205 (History of Ancient Greek/Roman Philosophy): 
  • This course will be available in an asynchronous, online format.
  • Online materials will include notes to accompany class readings and videos featuring deep-dives into issues in the texts.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and collaboration through the class forums! 
I regularly teach courses in the history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of language. 

Some of my favorite teaching topics have included Plato (especially the Republic and Theaetetus), Spinoza's Ethics, proof and translation in first-order logic with quantification and identity, and philosophy of time. 

Recent courses at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Fall 2017: 
Introduction to Logic (PHL 101)
History of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 205)
Philosophy of Language (PHL 311)

Spring 2018:
Introduction to Logic (PHL 101)
History of Modern Philosophy (PHL 206)
Senior Capstone (PHL 496)

Fall 2018: 
Introduction to Logic (PHL 101)
History of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 205)
Metaphysics (PHL 310)

Spring 2019:
Introduction to Logic (PHL 101)
History of Modern Philosophy (PHL 206)
Symbolic Logic (PHL 302)

Past courses at various institutions
Introduction to Philosophy 
Introduction to Logic 
Introduction to Ethics 
Introduction to Ancient Philosophy 
History of Ancient Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
History of Analytic Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy and Science Fiction
Business Ethics
Senior Capstone
Philosophical Writing and Argumentation

The Medieval World

Independent Study:
Medieval Islamic and Christian Philosophy
Mereology and Physics
Philosophy of Mathematics
Demonstratives and Indexicals